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Word from the site: Smoking CSCS

Jonathan-DaviesThis is all genuine live feedback from the sites. Names have been changed to protect the innocent, but if these problems are common to your site get in touch…

Running a building site is a  demanding job and throws up many challenges on a daily basis. Every site manager strives to ensure they can make the site flow smoothly and whilst doing what they do best –completing the build. I turned up at a site the other day and walked into a heated debate about two big issues the site had. Little did they know that their guardian angel was literally stood next to them – The MSite Angel.

Smoking on site

smoking-constructionThe first problem was site workers smoking all over the site and not in the designated areas. The big wigs of this company had been down the day before and seen quite a few ciggy butts around the site and the site manager was pulled on this. The problem was that the site manager felt he had no real deterrent to stop site workers smoking on site outside of the designated areas and even if he did, no way of enforcing it.

But he did.

By using the restriction functionality within MSite, he has now put in a red card system – 2 yellow cards and then a red results in restricted access, enforced by the biometric MSite Pod ensuring non-entry. The system also restricts access to the worker from all other sites that have the MSite system – one down…


cscs-cards-1The second issue was members of the workforce turning up on first day induction  not carrying their CSCS cards. There were common excuses, for example, they are held at head office, or we don’t carry them because you can lose them (oh, but you carry your bank card?!?). So the site manager was having to go into the CSCS database and check each individual, adding  a good 5 minutes to each induction.

“Why can’t we just make it site rule: no card no access” was one of the shouts!

Well with MSite, they could and they did. With MSite you can store the biometric profile direct onto the CSCS card- we are the only company in the UK who has the access. This saves the site issuing their own cards and also ensures that each worker has their card at all times as requested by the site.

These may seem pretty small issues, however, they were both causing considerable problems on the site. Not only that the solutions have improved health and safety on the site, by reducing the risk of fire and ensuring that only fully accredited workers are on site.

MSite – take a bow!


To find out more about how MSite can help your sites, call us on 0333 456 2001 or contact us today.

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