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Word from the site: Diversity or Susan Boyle?

Jonathan-DaviesWord from the site takes a look at common issues that arise on a daily basis on construction sites. These are real issues facing site management.

This week we take a look at diversity reporting which is becoming more common within various sectors of the construction industry. Historically these reports have been more associated with local authority contracts, however, the market is changing and the diversity report is now becoming more common within tenders. So what is a diversity report?


Just to clear up any confusion it’s nothing to do with the dance group that won Britain’s Got Talent- you remember there was a little kid called Perry they used to launch into the air at the end each performance? These guys were good and even beat the mighty Susan Boyle!

It is no longer acceptable to simply provide a percentage of employees classed as local; the requirement now is often to include a significant list of statistics on the likes of ethnicity, age, lone parents, sex, people with disabilities and number of low skilled workers to name just a few.

So at the site the question was posed, “How are you going to do the diversity reports?”

There was a blank look of sheer confusion and a realisation that this was new territory in terms of reporting that had not been tackled before.

“Well we keep records of where people live and have dates of birth which we can send back to head office”.

It was a start, however, looking at the actual report requirements there were obvious missing gaps and information that needed to be captured. The data then needed to be reported and collated into a simple document and as it stood some poor member of the administration team was probably going to spend a fair few hours putting this together. A potentially time consuming task and inefficient way to do things.

So is there a solution to assist here?

Yes. The MSite workforce management system which has been specifically designed for the construction industry and has a diversity reporting system that can produce a report at the touch of a button. As fast as the Diversity lads throw Perry in the air!


Are there other solutions out there? Yes of course there are, but if you want a winning system that delivers, the MSite solution has the talent and quality. Diversity or Susan Boyle? I know what I’d vote for!

MSite’s Got Talent…

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