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Why passenger data sharing has to take off for the aviation industry


Airlines and airports are realising that a joined-up approach creates valuable synergies and that the traditional divide between them is hindering the passenger experience. With different touch points and influence on the passenger journey, this often results in an impersonal and chaotic service for the passenger, who receives limited and disjointed information.

A holistic view of the passenger is required and the starting point is for airport and airlines to share information. This collaborative approach can greatly improve operational efficiency and streamline the passenger’s journey by reducing duplication of processes and supporting the improved validation of passengers at all checkpoints.

There are commercial and technical barriers that must be overcome before change can happen. For instance, it is critical that the information being shared between the key stakeholders is kept confidential and is not used for future commercial purposes – it sounds obvious, but it’s important that such aspects of data sharing are understood.

It’s only when the industry overwrites the traditional approach that it will be able to adapt to the changing needs and demands of travellers. Failure to do so will put it at risk of falling further behind.

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