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Why Airports & Airlines should embrace a personalised travel experience through technology

Future Travel Experience’s excellent recent article asked the question as to whether mobile technology is making it more difficult for airports and airlines to define their own passenger experience. The article discussed how third party smartphone apps have played a major role in redefining the airport experience and asked whether airports and airlines should be concerned.

A number of airports and airlines have started to embrace technology including Japan Airlines, Copenhagen Airport and now Frankfurt Airport, who all have their own, in-house developed, apps. However, these latter two are exceptions to the general trend of leaving the development of apps to technology partners.

Our view is that whilst airports and airlines continue to argue over ‘who owns the passenger’ content savvy companies from ‘outside our industry’ have and will continue to step in to the void created and in so doing will divert valuable non-aeronautical revenue streams away from the aviation industry.

In our recent white paper we demonstrated how retail revenues can be increased by getting people through the airport quickly to maximise their time in retail areas and how happy passengers increase their spend. So airports should see this threat for exactly what it is, a threat and reverse this trend into an opportunity to create a personalised travel experience for the passengers themselves and in so doing earn the transactional revenues that will otherwise be taken by others and ensure passengers return to the airport time and time again.

PAX WOW – A personalised travel experience

PAX WOW - Personalised Travel AppLast year we successfully demonstrated an app linked with biometric identification, PAX WOW at London Gatwick to illustrate the ‘art of the possible’ in terms of enhancing and personalising each passenger’s journey through the airport. The demonstration at Gatwick Airport was created through the development of an airport centric mobile app. The mobile device app in turn acted as the passenger’s constant source of information, guide and personalisation agent throughout their airport experience and tapped into our MFlow solutions to advise and interact with passengers in real time at the airport.

As a supplier of personalised services through our identity assured management strategy we are keen to see airports minimise costs and maximise revenues through our solutions.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of information sharing, please contact us or call +44 (0)333 456 2001.

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