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What’s new with Human Recognition Systems in 2019?

As we begin a brand new year, we are excited to announce some major changes to our product portfolio. Not only are we releasing a ground-breaking revision to our facial recognition system, MFlow, but we’re also launching a brand new identity management platform, which we’re calling MOne.


MFlow currently processes millions of people every year in airports across the globe, measuring the flow of passengers and gathering accurate customer intelligence through facial recognition cameras.

We have revitalised the system to become more mobile and more cost effective, making it an accessible solution for a greater range of industries.

  • By minimising back-end infrastructure and creating a modular, wireless camera, this allows the system to be installed in previously unsuitable environments such as outdoor spaces.
  • By developing more cost effective technology, this has significantly reduced the cost of implementation.
  • Biometric self enrollment allows customers that provide data consent to benefit from a range of offers and personalisation.
  • As experienced data processors, our software is designed to meet the requirements of GDPR and the Data Protection Act.


MOne is a new software platform that enables data from multiple technology sources to be unified, creating trusted digital identities though biometrics to facilitate the efficient onboarding of people.

Whether it’s passengers getting on a plane, train or ship or customers entering a theme park or stadium – MOne’s data sharing platform connects each point from start to finish, making journeys seamless and ticketless.

  • Customer self enrollment allows for a greater number of people to be enrolled and processed seamlessly.
  • Real time data enables real time response and provides accurate insight into customer journeys, allowing you to optimise processes and planning, ultimately improving the customer experience and increasing financial benefits.
  • By utilising a holistic approach to managing data spread across multiple vendors, MOne clarifies GDPR and data protection concerns.

For more information about either of our products, please contact us on +44(0)333 456 2001 or send us an email at info@hrsid.com.

To see the products in person, you can visit us at this year’s Passenger Terminal Expo, taking place between the 26th and 28th of March. Stop by our stand 7012 for a free demo.

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