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Time and attendance reporting and more – without the turnstile

NickWilkinsonMost contractors and sub-contractors are now well used to biometric access control via a turnstile, such as MSite. The benefits of such systems are not just security, but the workforce management tools that the back-end software can provide. These include:

  • Accreditation Management – reports against all accreditation cards for employees to ensure and prove only properly accredited and inducted staff have been allowed on site, without the management overhead.
  • Time and Attendance – who’s been in, how long for and when. Run by individual, trade or sub-contractor to manage supplier contracts effectively, all controlled by biometrics.
  • Health & Safety – roll call reports, incident audits and employee spot checks
  • Sustainability – local labour reports & travel-to-site carbon emissions

However, for sites without a physical perimeter, new house builds or smaller sites, turnstile access control is often not the practical choice. Such construction sites can still benefit massively from the workforce management tools and reporting outlined above, but untill now they have not had a cost-effective way of doing this.

Enter MSite Lite.


MSite Lite

Full power of MSite. One small box

Designed for sites where turnstile access control is not feasible, MSite Lite is a plug and play solution that brings all of MSite‚Äôs powerful workforce management tools to your site, in a single, low-cost case.

Simply unpack, find a suitable location, either on a wall or desk and plug it in.

No sooner than your workforce starts to clock in and out, MSite Lite gets to work delivering the powerful features MSite is synonymous with.

We’d love to tell you more. Get in touch and we will arrange a no obligation quotation or a free demonstration.

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