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The three key technologies for Construction Site Management

Simon MeyerTechnology’s swift evolution has led to many within the construction industry discovering new methods to effectively operate sites, increase the bottom line and ensure that workers are both safe and secure. Simon Meyer, Construction Managing Director, explores how technologies for construction are aiding the effective management of workers at both a site and corporate level:

1. Biometrics

Biometric Revoultion In terms of securing sites and workers, many new products are underpinned by the certainty of identity provided by biometric technology. The construction industry has embraced this technology for nearly 10 years and while different organisations are at different stages in the journey, the use of hand geometry, fingerprint and face readers are generally common place at the majority of Tier 1 contractors.

This was certainly re-enforced by the deployment at the Olympic Park during the build phase in which secure hand and iris recognition was standard for all workers. In addition, the seamless integration with the CSCS smartcard adds to the benefits and assurance that the individual is who they say they are.

2. The Cloud

The CloudTechnology has also taken a significant leap through deployments into the Cloud, hosting products securely and centrally off-site, reducing both the cost of IT overhead and increasing the flexibility and service to fit with customer needs. This shift has meant early engagement with IT departments to ensure that the appropriate data protection and security policies are adhered to (ISO 27001 accreditation).

As the industry continues to move in this direction, providers of products will need to ensure that the appropriate checks and balances are in place, especially around the storage of sensitive data.

3. Mobile

MSite Mobile

For example, real-time checks can be performed on worker accreditations without the need to head back to the welfare cabins and check the traditionally photocopied records, with incidents reported immediately (with pictorial evidence).

Whatever technology or combination of technologies a construction company looks to deploy, it requires collaboration and partnership between companies, sites, departments and suppliers to ensure that any investment made is done so with an eye on both the big picture and the site level operations, minimising any impact but ultimately ensuring there are tangible benefits for all at the end of it.


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