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The results are in and the authorised signatories agree…

For the last 2 months, we have been down in the Gatwick ID Centre training their authorised signatories on our new airport ID pass application and management system, MTrust.

The training has gone incredibly well so far and MTrust is proving to be resounding success with the 800 authorised signatories that have completed the training to date. In fact it has gone so well that we wanted to share the results with the world!

At the end of each session we asked each attendee to complete a short, simple survey that covered both the training they had just received and their thoughts on the MTrust system. To date we have received 669* responses.

We asked a very simple question:

mtrust-quotes“I think MTrust will…

– save me time when processing pass applications
– reduce the time taken for pass issuance
– reduce my application rejection rate
– will give me better visibility of applications”

With respondents stating whether they ‘Strongly Agreed’, ‘Agreed’, ‘Neither Agreed nor disagreed’, ‘Disagreed’ or ‘Strongly Disagreed’ with each of the above statements.

The results* were undeniable:



To learn more about how MTrust can revolutionise your ID pass management to reduce waste and improve security, service and efficiency, enquire now or contact us today on +44 (0)333 456 2001.

*Figures correct as of 15th January 2015


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