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The key trends in airport security

The key aviation security drivers fall into three broad areas – regulatory, reactive and economic. The regulatory market is those areas that have to be met and there are considerable changes in areas such as cabin and hold baggage that have explicit regulatory changes in the EU that should attract investment. Sadly it is an inevitable fact for the reactive market that it is driven by emerging security threats and events that in due course, drive regulatory changes and security spend. Finally there is economic, for us often the most important area, where airports and their stakeholders engage in innovative security implementations to not only meet regulatory minimums, but also improve the security experience for passengers whilst reducing the cost of provision of those necessary rules.

Beyond the trend of reaction to events, which has been consistent throughout the years where the need for airport security has been persistent thanks to the iconic target that air transport continues to represent; two clear trends are apparent moving forward.


Innovators and Followers

Explicit airports and partners take a real lead in developing innovative solutions with suppliers – the rationale as to who is innovating and why varies over time, with remaining airports happy to cherry pick solutions after the innovation.

Risk based Security

There is a clear, present and compelling desire to move to a risk based security model worldwide. Whilst this is a difficult journey for all involved in aviation security, this seems to be driven with real desire and whilst it has been spoken about for many years the desire is not abating.

For us as an innovative security solutions supplier, our line of work is materially impacted by these two trends. We continue to work with innovative clients, our deployments with Gatwick Airport represent a prime example of this kind of work. Secondly we hold that a risk based security model can only be effective if the identity of the passenger can confidently be known in order to apply the correct level of risk against that individual.

Our focus on identity assured management is a perfect fit for this emerging fundamental shift towards risk based security within airports.

To learn more about our work with airports, improving security, operational efficiency and increasing retail dwell time, visit our MFlow page or call us today on +44(0)333 456 2001.


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