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The Increasing Impact of Construction Diversity Reporting

Nick WilkinsonI was on a Major Build in London this week where we have recently deployed diversity reporting into their existing MSite system. The scheme in question includes 3 projects all managed as one system and they have challenging diversity targets to achieve under the terms of their contract.

In talking with one of the Project Managers it transpires that without the automation of the report they would have to employ a full time resource to capture the relevant information and manage the delivery of the report on a monthly basis at each of the 3 sites. Clearly there was an airtight business case on the project for the inclusion of the Diversity Reporting License. I am coming across this more and more and finding many project teams seeing Diversity as a very real and very labour intensive distraction.


Construction Diversity Reporting Explained

Increasingly local government is influencing the inclusion of Diversity Statistics combined with local labour reporting as a contractual commitment within many major build projects. No longer is it acceptable to simply provide a percentage of employees classed as local; the requirement now is often too include a significant list of statistics on the likes of ethnicity, age, lone parents, sex, people with disabilities and number of low skilled workers to name just a few. All these measurables have to be aligned to reporting against all workers, apprentices, previously employed and length of service with the added challenge of understanding all of the statistics above against local boroughs separately and as a whole.

Whilst this level of overhead doesn’t exist on all projects it is becoming more and more common especially in and around the London area although we have had the requirement all over the country. I am keen to understand your views on this and from anyone within the industry on the impact to site teams of producing such reports, so please leave a comment in the box at the bottom of this page.

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