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The current state of biometrics and technology in Airports Pt. 3

In the third and final part of his look at the current state of biometrics and technology in Airports, Jim Slevin looks at biometrics currently in action in airports and who leads the way in terms of both airports and geographic areas.

Biometrics in Action in Airports

MFlow-what-it-is-2Human Recognition Systems have deployed biometric technology in the form of face recognition for operational performance measurement. Using anonymous face tracking we are able to offer an unparalleled accuracy of passenger journey and queue measurement across the entire airport experience. This allows airports to measure the actual journeys passengers are undertaking as well as making decisions on resources and other asset utilisation to match demand with supply.

The major credit card companies all have programmes ongoing for assessing biometric and/or mobile biometric solutions for biometric based payments. This will in time lead to a Biometric Point of Sale to replace existing Electronic Point of Sale. Human Recognition Systems have previously shown how retail offers can also be linked to know travellers through the use of biometrics and have successfully deployed this on a trial basis.

Whilst still to a degree security related the trial proved the area of self-service will increasingly benefit from biometrics allowing passengers to self-service through car parking, check in, security, retail and aircraft boarding simply by being there.

Who leads the way?

Gatwick Airport have arguably shown the real innovation in the biometrics space, including a trial simulation of the passenger journey of the future, illustrating how services can be used to develop an airport journey that is personalised to individual passenger needs with more innovation with HRS underway right now. Amsterdam Schiphol has been operating Privium since 2001 so is clearly an innovator as well.

Geographically, the EU has largely led the drive for utilising ePassport in eGates for Automated Border Clearance. However, in terms of trusted or frequent traveller schemes these are spread out geographically with notable deployments in North America, Asia and Australia.

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