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The Challenge of Sub-Contractor Performance Management

Adam PageDuring my recent meetings with new and potential Construction customers, and particularly with those in regional Procurement and Supply Chain roles, a common theme & requirement has arisen around the need to equip sites with the tools to effectively manage the performance of their sub-contractors.

In addition there is the wider need of the organisation to manage the overall performance of all sub-contractors across a particular region of sites or across all of their sites nationwide.


Sub-Contractor Performance Management at both a Site and Corporate Level

Historically, the collation of such performance data is more often than not collected by each site, in different ways; with sites procuring a whole host of different access control systems which offer varying degrees of functionality and capacity for information capture. It seems that the underlying problem with this approach is the lack of consistency in the data obtained from sites when needing to compare the data side by side at a more corporate and operational. It can therefore be very difficult and time consuming for Procurement personnel to effectively review and monitor the performance of their key sub-contractors holistically across their sites to inform their decision making, not to mention the similar challenges faced when attempting to centrally report on other KPIs across the organisation with regards to Health & Safety, Sustainability and Diversity for example, where data again which is collected by sites to varying degrees. This means that providing the tools to effectively manage a preferred list is difficult and manually intensive.

Hosted, purpose-built systems for the industry such as MSite removes this issue of site data inconsistency whist also allowing Contractors to centrally report on key data across all of their sites at the click of a button and therefore allowing effective performance management at both a site and corporate level using the same information.

Simple really.

{{cta(‘6cf96d47-5913-4b1d-b3f5-abc0fc8535b0′,’justifyright’)}} To find out how MSite can simplify sub-contractor performance management and also help with diversity reporting for your site as part of a company framework or on an individual site basis , complete the form below or call us today on +44 (0)151 254 2888.

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