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Testing Facial Recognition Accuracy at HRS

To keep our commitment to constant product improvement at HRS, we make a habit of conducting regular tests on our biometric systems.

Recently it’s been the turn of MFlow, our facial recognition product used to measure the flow of people through airports and other crowded areas.

The latest tests involving MFlow have been on the system’s biometric accuracy when it comes to picking up facial data. These tests were conducted in our offices through the use of publicly available facial databases on the internet.


Phil Bray, our Technical Design Manager said: “We segregate various facial images from the same individuals into sets and randomly display facial images from these data sets across multiple displays. Each of these displays are then monitored by multiple MFlow cameras. In this way, we can emulate uncooperative and unpredictable movements of people within an environment in which MFlow is installed, capturing individuals at key waypoints.”

MFlow holds the title of the world’s most accurate queue measurement system with good reason. Our dedicated team of developers strive to keep MFlow’s unrivaled position as the ultimate crowd analysis tool through this kind of innovative testing and commitment to delivering the best technology possible for our customers.

To learn more about MFlow, please click here or contact us today.

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