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So just how widely used are our Aviation products? (Infographic)

Human Recognition Systems have been active in the aviation space for over 10 years, but just how widely used are our systems and what level of passengers and staff do our systems process?

Well, we’ve created a handy infographic that illustrates just why our products continue to be the choice of the leading airports in the UK. Click on the below image to enlarge:


Aviation Products

Our products cover:

  • Passenger flow management with MFlow Journey:
    For airports who want to put the passenger experience at the heart of what they do, MFlow Journey is a passenger flow management solution that uses facial recognition to measure and improve the passenger journey; increasing dwell time and passenger spend in retail areas and allowing greater operational control for the airport. MFlow Journey provides the best granularity and most accurate measurement as passengers always travel with their face.
  • Streamlined employee record and ID Pass application management through MTrust:
    For airports who need assurance of staff identity without a labour intensive process, MTrust is an online register and employee record central management system that provides streamlined ID Pass management and absolute certainty of identity. MTrust doesn’t automate existing processes; it completely re-engineers them, reducing waste and improving operational efficiencies. What’s more it’s, cloud based, pay-as-you-go pricing structure provides high-end functionality at an affordable cost with no initial outlay.
  • Passenger verification with MFlow Track:
    For airports who want to improve the accuracy and speed of security checks, MFlow Track automates the secure verification and fast flow of passengers through restricted areas (e.g. security and border check points). MFlow Track provides the ability to manage the flow of passengers in a secure, consistent and efficient way ensuring a positive customers experience and allowing greater visibility of passenger flow to the airport.
  • Passenger access control through MFlow Exit Lanes:
    Utilising advanced behavioural analytic technology to monitor passenger movements MFlow Exit Lanes prevents unauthorised access to secure zones and airport passenger backtrack through a series of early warning alerts and system controlled doors. This negates manned guarding requirements at security restricted areas and provides the real time intelligence needed to quickly respond to potential security threats.

To learn more about how our Aviation products can improve the passenger journey; increasing dwell time and passenger spend in retail areas and allow greater operational control for your airport visit our Aviation section, call us on +44 (0)151 254 2888 or enquire now.

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