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Say “hello” to MTrust…

For airport ID Centres and their customers the application for ID passes can be a frustrating process. We’ve had reports of rejection rates for permanent passes of between 15% and 80% normally caused by¬†administrative errors by the applicants and authorised signatories.

At Human Recognition Systems we know the challenges that airport ID Centres face and understand the problems with the existing processes. That is why we decided not to just automate the existing process, but to take a revolutionary new approach.

So say hello to MTrust.

MTrust is a revolutionary airport ID pass application vetting and issuance solution, hosted in the Cloud. It provides streamlined airport ID pass management with absolute certainty of identity.

The video above will show you how MTrust gives you:



MTrust automatically checks all applications before they’re submitted, reducing rejections by up to 80% and allowing your vetting agents to concentrate on the important things.



MTrust gives authorised signatories total visibility of application status, allowing your agents to focus on security.



MTrust has a thriving community of 2,500 active authorised signatories with their employee information ready to submit to your application forms.

You can learn more about MTrust on our website or contact us to arrange your own personal consultation to see how MTrust can transform your airport ID centre performance.


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