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Reinventing Airport ID Pass Management

As most Airport professionals and on-airport staff know applying for an airport ID pass can be a painful process. Whilst the rules underpinned by regulation have been added to, extended and further complicated, over 25 years, all except one of the UK’s airports still use the same paper based processes (though a number of others will soon make the switch – watch this space!).

It is a confusing process for both the airports and the companies applying for passes for their staff. Application rejection rates for permanent ID Pass applications of between 15% and 80% at airports we work with confirm this. This detracts from the serious security process at hand, focusing energy on the administrative overhead, rather than mitigating an ever present insider threat.

Our latest white paper – Reinventing Airport ID Pass Management, examines the issues facing the current pass process and how new technology can help remove these issues ensuring a better process for all stakeholders and increasing airport ID Centre performance by 35%.

mtrust-pass-newBy downloading the white paper you will learn how by implementing the right technology your airport can:

  • Improve security by implementing processes to combat the insider threat
  • Improve service to on-airport stakeholders through fewer pass rejections and faster pass issuance
  • Improve ID Centre efficiency by reducing administration, phone calls received and automating the pass process
  • See how our identity pass management system, MTrust has transformed Gatwick Airport’s ID Centre

To discuss your airport’s requirements in more details, please call us on +44 (0)333 456 2001, contact us via our website or click on the below to organise a free no obligation consultation.

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