Gather accurate data
on people travelling
through your terminal

MFlow - The world’s most advanced journey measurement system

Customer journey insights using facial recognition and sensor technology

MFlow provides an accurate measure of the customer journey over large distances and multiple locations, generating information that can transform the operational capabilities of your terminal, retail area or transit space.

The world’s most advanced flow measurement system.

The MFlow Camera
The MFlow Camera

Using the latest facial recognition technology, MFlow passively measures passenger journeys. Capturing facial data from an individual at one point, additional cameras will capture the same face at multiple stages, providing an accurate measure of journey time. The cameras can also reveal:

  • Dwell time – How long are people spending in each area?
  • Demographics – How many people of gender X and age Y have been processed today?
  • Watchlists – Tell me when a person of interest enters the building

Do you need...

  • process more people, more efficiently?

    With minimal disruption and installation costs, MFlow's cloud based system reports both real and forecast queue times to allow you to use your existing infrastructure to its full potential and manage more people through a designated space, such as a terminal.

  • truly understand your customers?

    MFlow provides a unique set of data that enables you to monitor the way people navigate through a given area. The system accurately reports on dwell times and allows you to understand the demographics of customers based on gender or age group.

  • anonymous, GDPR compliant system?

    MFlow captures anonymous facial biometric information without storing data about the individual. The system is therefore wholly compliant with data protection regulations worldwide, including the European GDPR.

  • maximise the customer experience?

    MFlow reduces queue times for a more stress-free experience and allows people to spend more time in retail areas, enabling them to spend more.

MFlow - Unique insights into your customers
MFlow - Anonymous and data regulation compliant
MFlow - An improved passenger experience
Already passengers are
spending on average less than
five minutes in security

MFlow delivers...


An accurate picture of the customer journey

  • MFlow facial recognition cameras can be positioned at specific waypoints to give visibility of journeys in real time, allowing you to eliminate queues instantly and create a smoother experience for the customer.
  • No other flow measurement solution provides the same level of accuracy over large distances and multiple locations.

Personalised experiences

  • MFlow allows you easily differentiate the experience of separate lanes in and beyond the terminal area, whether that’s between premium and ordinary customers, or customers separated by country of origin.
  • MFlow facial recognition technology also has the potential to create watch lists of VIPs or security threats, age restrictions and ‘whitelists’ of staff to ensure they are not counted.

Insights and analysis

Journey statistics

MFlow provides statistics such as average queue time, maximum queue time, lane performance and retail area dwell time.

MFlow - Journey statistics

Understand the age and gender of people moving through your transit area.

MFlow - Demographics

In retail areas, MFlow cameras can register loyal customers to track repeat store visits and purchase patterns.

MFlow - Loyalty

Facial recognition technology can give you unprecedented insights into the emotions of your passengers by measuring their facial expressions.

MFlow - Mood

Data security

We are experienced data processors – our software is designed to meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act and GDPR, and this standard is used as a benchmark for clients globally.

World first

We are the first company in the world to deploy facial recognition to measure the passenger journey in an airport.

Trusted platform

MFlow passenger journey management is a proven platform since 2010, processing millions of passengers each year.

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