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An ID pass application vetting and issuance solution for airport workers.

MTrust is a pass application management, vetting and issuance solution, hosted in a secure online environment.
The system provides absolute certainty of employee identity and streamlines overall airport ID centre performance.

  • Security identification pass application and vetting software
  • Automated identification passes for people, vehicles and permits
  • Standardised community solution across airport(s) to enforce policy
  • Central, secure document storage, full audit and reporting
  • Integration into third party systems

What can MTrust
do for your business?

MTrust-drive cost benefits

Reduces cost

Reduces the time it takes to submit and vet applications and reduces the cost per application.

MTrust - introduce-new-capabilities

Enhances security

Every stage of the application process is validated and logged for increased security, vetting and auditing.

The platform centrally stores identification documents and has full audit and reporting capability.

MTrust - deliver-efficient-service

Improves efficiency

Reduces rejections rates significantly and speeds up turnaround time for all.

Where a temporary worker pass is required, MTrust can provide an instant issuance of this, so no visit to the airport pass office needed.

Product features

Pass applications

All applications for people, drivers and vehicles are submitted, vetted and approved online.

Identification details and supporting documentation are captured and verified in one place.

The platform provides visibility for both the airport, and employers of those who require a pass to work in the airport (authorised signatories). Each party can ensure that pass applications are approved and issued as efficiently as possible.

For temporary passes, both people and vehicle, MTrust provides self-service printing, reducing pass office queues and avoiding any delays in the person starting work.

Product features

Reporting and compliance

By onboarding employees and workers online, MTrust provides a central, secure document storage and reporting capability.

Every stage of the worker vetting and application process is logged and can be tracked for compliance and auditing purposes. Visibility and notifications will also keep the process moving.

Product features

One community

Airport groups can also enforce companywide policies and procedures in how pass applications are processed and approved.

Once a worker has their pass approved at group-level, they can then start employment in any airport within the group, avoiding duplication and delay.

MTrust can also be integrated into your security access control.

Plus more...

Paperless system

All live and historical applications are instantly accessible and searchable, meaning no more archiving and instant access to applications when the worker arrives at the ID Centre.

Enhanced communication

MTrust allows the ID Centre to broadcast messages to the wider airport community. Ideal for announcing policy updates or regulatory changes.

Performance management

MTrust is built around ID Centre performance. A dashboard ensures workload is managed, and turnaround times for each pass and agent are logged for reporting purposes.

In an ever-growing airport, we are always
looking for ways to improve self-service
automation for passengers and airport staff.
The new system will enable us to issue
airport ID passes faster, whilst taking the
frustrations away from our on-airport
customers and providing more time for
important security checks which will reduce risk.

How does MTrust work once an airport chooses this online platform?

Mtrust - online-inductions

Companies apply to join MTrust

Companies apply to the airport to add their company to their ID Scheme. All supporting documents are provided and verified by the airport's ID Centre.


Authorised signatories appointed

Once approved by the airport, authorised signatories can begin to build profiles for their employees.


Pass applications are submitted

Applications are automatically built from the chosen applicant's profile and submitted to the airport if they meet the minimum requirements.


Pass applications are received

Team leads choose to either assign applications automatically to agents or manage their distribution themselves.


Pass applications are queried

ID Centre agents can query parts of the application they need more information on and the authorised signatory is instantly informed and able to clarify.


References are verified

ID Centre agents vet references provided with the application and log the results on the system. Applications that require references cannot be approved until the minimum reference requirements are met.


Pass applications are approved

The authorised signatory is instantly notified and the applicant is ready to collect their pass. If the pass type has been set up to support remote issuance, the pass can be printed immediately and taken to an airport checkpoint to be validated for access, without having to visit the ID Centre.

Mtrust stored data

Applicant data is stored for next time

All data used in the application is stored against the applicant's profile, making their next application to any participating airport easier than ever.

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