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Ways to use MSite


MSite will enable you to benefit from our reliable, safety-enhancing workforce management tools and collect workforce data for the duration of the project

MSite Device with MSite Workforce App

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Msite Supervisor App

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Features of the MSite Workforce App

Right person. Right skills.
Right place.

MSite combines a worker identification check including right to work checks, inductions and training system with
access control to manage construction site employees and security.

The data captured through MSite’s access, time and attendance solutions is valuable for
reporting (at site and group level), day-to-day workforce management, future resource planning and improving productivity.

It provides you with hardware and software to ensure your workers are
the right person, with the right skills, and they are in the right place.

Right to Work Check
  • Worker identification and validation check software
  • Worker identification checked and validated against Right to Work requirements
  • Reports, live dashboards and email alerts to manage workforce
  • Option of onboarding workers through mobile App
Online Inductions
  • Share site rules and procedures in relation COVID-19 prior to the worker arriving to site
  • Employee and subcontractor inductions and training software platform
  • Reports, live dashboards and email alerts to manage workforce
  • Option of onboarding workers through Mobile App
Access Control and Attendance
  • MSite Device - using either a fingerprint scan or PIN entry option, or use with MSite Workforce App
  • MSite Workforce App
  • Supervisor App - GPS will tag the punch location, confirming the transaction occurred at site
  • Worker accreditations validated against the CITB database
  • Reports, live dashboards and email alerts
Plus more (once MSite has been implemented)
  • Fatigue management – track worker hours and commute times
  • Delivery management – digitally track and manage materials on site
  • Digital signage for construction sites – emergencies and statistics
  • Integration with Fire Alarms, CCTV and other security equipment

What can MSite do
for your business?

  • Ensure a more safe and secure environment

    MSite provides hardware and software options to enforce health and safety policies and ensure workers are who they say they are, and have a right to access your site.

  • Save time and money

    The paperless system stores data in a secure, cloud-based environment, reducing the time it takes to complete laborious processes, such as corporate inductions, and employee reports. This can save £100,000's each year.

  • Provide consistency

    MSite provides a consistent employee ID check, induction, training and attendance monitoring environment across each site.

  • Remain compliant and respond to legislation

    Ensures workers have a Right to Work in the UK, and prove they have received the correct induction and training to be on site.

    By recording data about employees and their access on site, MSite creates an audit trail and real-time data allowing you to manage risks and respond to legal claims and government legislation with evidence.

Increase efficiency
Increase consistency
Respond to legislation
MSite saves us considerable time
in reporting and allows our on-site project team
to focus on managing projects on site,
while giving our head office instant
visibility to all the data needed in real time.
From day one the MSite platform has allowed us to improve and simplify our on-boarding process, which has meant we can focus on delivering great results for our clients. Throughout deployment and implementation, Human Recognition Systems have been great to work with and I now count them as one of our true partners.
Using MSite alongside the CSCS cards has saved us time by
simplifying the process for workers arriving at the site each day.
Usage of a standard biometric system
across our business, coupled with a physical
turnstile barrier, really allows us to ensure
the right people are coming onto our sites.
Adopting a system with the dependability and accuracy
of MSite allows us to focus more on the building work itself,
with the software able to create site reports and the
biometric turnstile unfailingly controlling access to the site.

MSite has three
key features

All of which can be provided independently
or in collaboration with one another.

A full workforce management solution.

MSite - ID Check

Right to Work Check

Automates and validates worker identification checks to prove they are who they say they are, and have a Right to Work in the UK.

MSite - online-inductions-and-training

Online Inductions

Ensures workers are fit to do the job they are employed for, and have received the correct and consistent induction and training.

Access Control and Attendance

Msite’s three access control and attendance options use technology and integrated software to securely manage workers on your site, and give accurate visibility in real-time.

Product features
Right to Work Check

Right to Work Check

Automate and validate worker identification checks to prove they are who they say they are, and have a Right to Work in the UK.

Employees and subcontractors can register themselves before starting work.

The level of vetting is tailored to their job, allowing stringent checks for roles which need them.

ID documents such as passports and VISAs are captured online, ensuring each is obtained, checked and copied according to Home Office guidelines. This can be done on any smartphone device using the MSite Mobile App.


    Product features

    Online Inductions

    The MSite induction platform ensures workers are fit to do the job they are employed for and have received the correct and consistent induction and training.

    Employees and subcontractors complete video inductions and assessments before arrival on site, saving time and money.

    Important information can be audit tracked such as health and safety training including our new Covid-19 training.

    Worker CSCS, CPCS, SMSTS, SSSTS and CISRS cards are automatically validated against the CITB database.

    Audit trail proof that the training has been watched and is up to date, all of which is tracked and can be reported on through the online environment. For scenarios where classroom training is required, this can be managed through the MSite Mobile App.

    MSite Online Inductions

    Product features

    Access Control and Attendance

    Msite’s technology and integrated software securely manages workers on your site and gives accurate visibility in real time.

    MSite Workforce App

    The MSite Workforce App provides biometrically verified site entry and sign in, direct-to-worker notifications and social distance monitoring via Bluetooth.

    Online Reports

    Managing your workforce digitally

    Instant visibility of your site operations, through reports, dashboards and email alerts.

    See how many workers are on site by trade, contractor or qualification and run reports on local labour, carbon emissions and more.

    Real-time data

    Receive updates on when employee skills and accreditations are due to expire, or inform who is on site at a given time.

    Accreditation-driven access

    MSite ensures employee accreditations are valid, in date, and right for the job, with validation against the CITB database.

    Workers cannot enter the site
    unless they have a right to do so.


    MSite Supervisor App

    The MSite Supervisor App captures basic time and attendance information to track who is on site at any given time. GPS will tag the punch location, confirming the transaction occurred at site.

    Card Reader

    Track you workforce with our contactless physical access control card.

    Captures time and attendance information to track who is on site at any given time and can be used as standalone or alongside the biometric device.

    Worker records are associated with a unique card using RFID technology.

    Recognises and flags restricted or banned individuals and will deny access to site.

    Fast identity look-up (one second), reducing queues during busy periods.

    Validation checks, including CSCS cards

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    MSite Pod

    The MSite Pod is a container with full height turnstile, biometric fingerprint readers and lockable door.

    Other alternative turnstile options also available, depending on your site set up and location.

    Ease of set up
    Up and running on your site in 4 hours, and easily relocated.

    Reliable and durable
    Withstands stresses on site, including all weather conditions.

    Fingerprint access
    Track and manage your workforce with touchscreen fingerprint reader. An interactive way of communicating with workers.

    Customised branding
    The MSite Pod can be supplied and branded according to the site setup.

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    MSite Device

    The MSite Device can be used as a biometric fingerprint reader, or in tandem with the MSite Workforce App for contactless entry.

    If you do not require a physical barrier at the site entrance and only want to register worker time and attendance, the MSite Device can also be used to sign in and out of site.

    Biometric access
    Track and securely manage your workforce with biometric technology

    Ease of use
    An interactive way of communicating with your workforce, whilst also gathering data.

    Deploy multiple stations
    Use in remote locations with all data feeding back to your central dashboard.

    Cost effective
    A small hardware footprint makes MSite Touch a cost effective option.

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    Product FAQs

    How can MSite support construction sites in the wake of COVI19, helping to keep sites open and safe?

    The MSite Workforce App immediately addresses several of the challenges presented by COVID19 at a site level. Using the biometric capabilities of smartphones, businesses can enable contactless workforce access control and sign-in points across multiple sites, checked and verified against the worker’s credentials.

    Functions within the MSite Workforce App that specifically focus on improving health and safety include social distancing reporting and contact tracing, a fresh approach to contact-free biometric site entry and direct-to-worker notifications.


    What are direct-to-worker notifications?

    The beauty of having the MSite Workforce App on every workers’ smartphone is that it enables a completely new way to communicate with the workforce, bridging the ‘communications void’ between principal contractors and the frontline construction workforce.  By allowing site teams and  head office staff to send messages from the MSite system to the MSite Workforce App, it can deliver notifications to targeted groups of the workforce, or the entire workforce, in a matter of minutes.

    Furthermore, it can mandate that workers must respond (selecting from multiple choice responses), and has the option to restrict access for those who have not responded, so they must acknowledge the message, thereby creating a digital footprint that they have read the message, and of their response. Messages can be scheduled in advance or sent instantly, providing strong and reliable construction site communications.

    How can the MSite Workforce App help to reduce the spread of COVID19 on construction sites?

    The MSite Workforce App uses bluetooth technology to monitor social proximity between App users. Worker proximity reports go to supervisors, so they can monitor any breaches in social distancing on their construction site. In the event that a worker tests positive for COVID19, the contact tracing functionality enables supervisors to quickly identify who that worker has been in close proximity to, and for how long. Affected workers can be notified to self-isolate, while the majority of the workforce can remain operational.

    How does the contactless biometric access system work?

    Instead of jumping on the facial recognition camera band wagon, the MSite Workforce App takes a fresh approach to contactless site entry. It uses the existing biometric capabilities of each site worker’s smartphone for proof of identity, which is linked to the worker’s MSite profile to verify their site credentials and permissions.

    The software harnesses the £millions invested by smartphone companies in developing cutting edge, highly reliable biometric functionality; facial recognition and fingerprint tech that is so accurate and trusted that millions of people worldwide use it to verify online banking and contactless payments.

    Why use site access control systems?

    In construction, we often focus on the detail. What is best for the individual site and project – site access control systems and construction site security turnstiles are commonly the first practical issue that clients look for us to solve and help them with. But the use of our technology to manage your workers’ access to site does not have to stop there. We can help with more. Often it pays to step back and look at the bigger picture for your construction company at a national level. Forget the individual site and project for a moment – what is best for all sites, all tasks and all workers when it comes to safely and efficiently managing them? The answer is simple. Manage your workforce digitally and secure everything in one online system, across the stages of employee ID Checks, Online Inductions and Training, and Access Control and Attendance (incorporating construction site security turnstiles).  MSite provides this, with a full workforce management solution and one of the world’s leading site access control systems. With ALL sites and employees working from the same source, you can rely on a number of things: Consistent process for recruitment and screening, in terms of ensuring all workers are who they say they are and have a Right to Work in the UK. Consistent onboarding, with workers completing one set of inductions, training and enrolment valid for multiple site visits. Consistent workforce data, with restricted individuals blocked from sites if they are already blocked from entering one, or if their skills and training are not up to date. Consistent reports about your workers, all sent to head office measuring the same things in the same format. Choose a single way to solve all your workforce management issues. A single way to get everyone on site and working safely in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. One way to ensure all workers are compliant, safe and secure.

    What are 5 tips for choosing a biometric access system?

    I have been on a number of site and client visits in the last month and a number of issues keep coming up. So here are my 5 top tips for Construction companies looking at Biometric Access Control systems for their sites:  Look at the bigger picture These systems aren’t just about sticking a turnstile on the entrance of your site to improve security. The real value comes from the software. Access control systems built specifically for the Construction industry such as MSite allows sites to automate the production of key reports to save significant amounts of manual administration collating site performance data for client reporting and ensure adherence to company policies on site. There are many systems that offer the very basics of a turnstile with access and attendance reporting, but if you are comparing quotes, make sure you are comparing like for like against your needs. Know your biometrics With the above in mind don’t get carried away selecting a system just because it uses the fanciest sounding biometric technology to access your site. Whilst it is an important point there are other key factors which should determine your decision. Ask yourself, is face recognition or vein recognition really necessary for your site? Not only may this result in unnecessary spend, but some biometric technologies just aren’t suited for the Construction environment. Dust, dirt and being exposed to the elements can really impact their robustness and it’s not uncommon for bricklayers to struggle scanning their fingerprints! Although its been around for a few years hand geometry readers are one of the more proven biometric technologies used in the industry – this was the main technology used on the London 2012 Olympic Park site to manage the access for over 100,000 operatives. Keep it consistent It is quite common for different sites of the same Construction Contractor to select different access control systems. Whilst at site level this may not seem much of an issue, at a centralised level it can make reporting on site performance across a region or across a cluster of sites a challenge – with different systems capturing different levels of information about their site, in different report formats. Standardisation across the sites is key and allows for a clear, cumulative view of KPIs across multiple sites without the headache of trying to compare inconsistent information. Realise the benefit of a multi-site system Following on from the above point of standardising the approach across your sites, systems such as MSite offer a ‘smart’ and true multi-site capability to save more time on the sites through eliminating the inefficiencies of re-entering operative details each time they go to a new site. Enrol an operative once on MSite and then there is no need to re-enrol the operative when they move to another of your sites using MSite. As long as they are given access privileges to the site on their MSite profile and complete the relevant site induction, the operative can simply access the site as usual without the need to create a new profile and re-enrol their biometrics.  Better still an operative’s profile follows them to whichever site they attempt to access – so if an operative has been issued a red card on one of your sites, but attempts to access another of your sites down the road, access will be restricted through the turnstile accordingly. Know where and how your data is stored Data protection can be the elephant in the room when talking access control systems as such systems require basic information about each operative to be captured in order to create their access profile. As the ‘data controller’ of your operatives’ personal information, the responsibility is on you to make sure the data is secure and safe in the system that you choose. Traditionally access control systems would be installed on sites with the database of operatives’ information stored locally on a dedicated PC on site. What happens, however, if that PC is stolen, along with all the personal information held on it? Whilst the main cause for concern here would be the possibility that the data may get into the wrong hands there is also another significant issue in that all that information would have to be collected again and entered onto a replacement PC in order to get the access control system back up and running. This could also occur if the PC’s hard drive suddenly got corrupted. MSite has moved to the ‘cloud’ which addresses the potential issues of theft or PC failure by no longer storing the information locally on the PC. This also allows site managers, regional directors or head office to securely log into the system to access the reports and live dashboard without having to be sat in front of the PC on site. Moreover this capability facilitates the multi-site capability discussed above. Having moved into the cloud, all information entered into MSite is securely hosted in secure ISO 27001 data centres, allowing secure access to the system from anywhere with internet connectivity, 24/7.

    Plus more

    Once your sites and workforce are enrolled onto the MSite system,
    you can digitally manage your workforce further...

    Digital Signage

    TV screens for construction sites. Communicate emergency messages, live site content and statistics to your workers in real-time.

    Delivery Management

    Manage materials coming in and out of site, providing real-time sign off and contingency management for your delivery schedules.

    Roll Call

    For faster, easier and safer evacuations - log your workers out of site instantly through a mobile app. With complete visibility of everyone that needs to be accounted for, Roll Call improves safety while also saving time.

    Beyond Construction

    With the ability to automate workforce onboarding and identity checking, MSite has many applications in industries other than construction.

    Respond to right to work legislation while saving time and money by linking the ID and reference checking of employees to online inductions and access control.

    MSite Beyond Construction

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