Automated workforce
onboarding and identity checking

MSite Industries - Workforce onboarding

Managing human identities
through technology

Be it employees or customers, every organisation has a need to
validate and manage the identity of the people it works with.

MSite provides you with technology to ensure your workers
or customers are the right person, with the right skills, in the right place.

ID Check
  • Onboard employees from a mobile device
  • Automated capture and validation of identity documentation
  • Full compliance to Right to Work checks in the UK
  • Live dashboards and notifications
Reference Check
  • Candidate and employee tailored onboarding software
  • Automatic calculation of any gaps in vetting data
  • Reference request automation with real time updates
  • Review and authorise candidates via web portal with live dashboards and notifications
Online Inductions and Training
  • Employee inductions and training software platform
  • Reports, live dashboards and email alerts to manage workforce
  • Option of onboarding employees through mobile App
Access Control and Attendance
  • Biometric touch screen fingerprint readers
  • Fingerprint biometric security access control and attendance
  • Reports, live dashboards and email alerts for complete visibility of your workforce

What can MSite do
for your business?

  • Remain compliant and respond to legislation

    Ensures employees have a Right to Work in the UK with ID Check software, and prove they have received the correct induction and training to be performing their role.

  • Provide consistency

    MSite provides a consistent employee vetting, identification check, online induction, training and attendance monitoring environment across your workplace.

  • Save time and money

    Tailored onboarding, plus automated reference checking, significantly reduces the time it takes to get employees onboard whilst ensuring all required information is captured.

    The paperless system stores data in a secure, cloud-based environment, reducing the time it takes to complete laborious processes, such as identification and reference checks, corporate inductions and employee reports.

Msite Industries - Compliant
MSite Industries - Consistent Data capability
MSite Industries - Saves company time and money
From day one the MSite platform has allowed us to improve and simplify our on-boarding process, which has meant we can focus on delivering great results for our clients. Throughout deployment and implementation, Human Recognition Systems have been great to work with and I now count them as one of our true partners.

MSite has 4 key features

All of which can be provided independently
or in collaboration with one another.

A full workforce management solution.

MSite Industries - ID Checks system

ID Check

Automates and validates employee identification checks to prove they are who they say they are, and have a Right to Work in the UK.

MSite Industries - Reference checks

Reference Check

Allows fast, seamless onboarding and vetting of employees, candidates and subcontractors.

MSite Industries - Online induction and training

Online Inductions and Training

Ensures employees are fit to do the job they are employed for, and have received the correct and consistent induction and training.

MSite Industries - Biometric Access control system

Access Control and Attendance

Uses biometric fingerprint technology and integrated software to manage employee security access to the workplace, and gives accurate visibility in real-time.

Product features
Right to Work Check

ID Check

Automate and validate employee identification checks to prove they are who they say they are, and have a Right to Work in the UK.

Employees (and pre employment candidates) can register themselves before starting work.

The level of vetting is tailored to their job, allowing stringent checks for roles which need them.

ID documents such as passports and VISAs are captured online, ensuring each is obtained, checked and copied according to Home Office guidelines. This can be done on any smartphone device using the MSite Mobile App.


    Product features

    Reference Check

    Users upload their details ready for vetting, and complete their own profile meaning minimal data entry for the employer or recruiter.

    References are automatically requested via email and chased at required intervals.

    Automatic calculation of gaps in employment history.

    Address and background checking requested automatically from third parties from the employee profile.

    Dashboard of vetting and progress levels visible to not only employer, but employee or candidate.

    MSite - Reference checks system dashboard
    MSite INdustries - Online Induction system for workforce
    Product features

    Online Inductions and Training

    Ensure employees are fit to do the job they are employed for, and have received the correct and consistent induction and training.

    Employees complete video online inductions and assessments before arrival to the workplace.

    Audit trail proof that the training has been completed and is up to date, all of which is tracked and can be reported on through the online environment.

    For scenarios where classroom training is required, this can be managed through the MSite Mobile App.


    Product features

    Access Control and Attendance

    MSite uses biometric fingerprint technology and integrated software
    to securely manage workers on your site, and give accurate visibility in real-time.
    MSite Industries - Manage your workforce digitally

    Managing your workforce digitally

    By gathering rich data about your workforce on a single platform, you can run reports and view live dashboards on everything you need to know about employees.

    MSite Industries - Realtime airport data

    Real-time data

    Alerts can update you when employee identification checks and training are due to expire, or inform who is in your workplace at a given time.

    MSite Industries - Mobile app

    Mobile App

    For workplaces which do not require a physical barrier, the MSite Mobile App provides biometric facial recognition for managing employee time and attendance.

    MSite Touch

    Biometric fingerprint unit,
    where you require a physical
    barrier in your workplace.

    • Used for managing time and attendance.
    • Up and running in 4 hours.
    • Capable of being transported and installed with ease.
    • An interactive way to communicate with workers, through touchscreen technology.
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