The digital identity
platform for truly
ticketless travel

Create single digital identities to enable seamless, automated journeys

MOne is a software system that enables the assimilation of data between multiple sources to create universal digital identities, facilitating the efficient and seamless onboarding of people into a designated space.

Whether it’s passengers getting on a plane, train or ship or customers entering a theme park, stadium or retail space – MOne’s trusted data sharing platform connects each touchpoint from start to finish, making journeys essentially ticketless.

The MFlow Camera
The MFlow Camera

Using the latest facial recognition technology, MFlow passively measures passenger journeys. Capturing facial data from an individual at one point, additional cameras will capture the same face at multiple stages, providing an accurate measure of journey time. The cameras can also reveal:

  • Dwell time – How long are people spending in each area?
  • Demographics – How many people of gender X and age Y have been processed today?
  • Watchlists – Tell me when a person of interest enters the building

Do you need to...

  • ...create a seamless customer experience?

    By digitally identifying people through each stage of a journey, MOne enables a ticketless and stress-free travel experience. The system can also inform the customer of stage-relevant information, such as security queues that may affect their journey and when they should arrive at each stage of the process.

  • ...merge data from technology checkpoints?

    MOne manages multi-vendor checkpoints and provides complete visibility of the operational environment through a single software platform, enabling real-time responses and reduced costs. Get insights into what can affect customer journeys, allowing you to improve risk management, planning and predictability.

  • ...grow with your existing infrastructure?

    MOne software integrates biometric self-enrolment with mobile technology, allowing you to keep existing systems and minimise infrastructure expenditure, while improving the experience for the customer.

  • ...stay compliant with data regulation and GDPR?

    By applying a holistic approach to data management across multiple existing vendors and systems, MOne clarifies the GDPR and data protection concerns of “who owns the customer?”

We have been impressed by how smoothly
MOne has enabled us to understand our customer’s
movements and personalise journeys accordingly

With MOne,
you can achieve...


Biometric self enrolment of the customer

  • Give customers the ability to register their facial or fingerprint biometric data at home on their mobile phones, saving time and allowing them to move seamlessly through the terminal

End-to-end multi-vendor checkpoint management

  • Combining customer data from existing systems and vendors (such as check in areas, e-gates and bag drops) into a unified platform, MOne creates an ecosystem of trust for people to move through without the need to constantly prove their identity at each stage of the process.

Personalised and informed journeys

  • With everyone using a single underlying system, you can keep customer updated through personalised mobile notifications at every stage of the onboarding process, even sending discount vouchers and promotional messages in time for the entry of retail areas.

Shared insights

A Passenger Operational Database (PODB®)

Create and manage a shared digital token that uniquely represents the customer at each checkpoint. Knowing where customers are will drive improvements and address bottlenecks

Passenger Notifications

Interact with customers, pre-warning them of issues and keeping them informed every step of the way

Stakeholder Collaboration

Share identification data, enabling improved collaboration between organisations – such as airports and airlines – allowing customers to be potentially fast tracked through transport hubs


Ease of integration

MOne is the industry's only agnostic, end to end checkpoint management software system that integrates with multiple checkpoint vendors. No need to replace any hardware.


The world's first Passenger Operational Database is a transformational technology, delivering a solution engineered around the passenger.

Data security

We are experienced data processors - our software is designed to meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act and European GDPR, and this standard is used as a benchmark for clients globally

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