Enabling the passenger
automation revolution
in aviation

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Digitising the passenger journey in and beyond the airport.

Focusing on the biometric digitisation of the passenger identity, MFlow enables a seamless
traveller experience through the various airline, airport and authority checkpoints
before, during and after transiting through the terminal.

Providing a personalised experience and informing the passenger
about relevant information during each part of their journey.

  • End to end airport operational API and dashboard: Airport checkpoints, Flight schedules, and Passenger journey
  • Terminal capacity measurement
  • Passenger queue management, through capacity algorithms
  • Communicate with passengers, through direct and personalised engagement
  • Facial recognition cameras, passively capturing passengers
  • Iris recognition enrolment systems

Key benefits
of MFlow

  • Improve the passenger experience

    By being able to digitally identify the passenger through each touchpoint of an airport from online check-in through to boarding, MFlow can inform the passenger of stage-relevant information, such as security queues that may effect their journey and when they should arrive, which departure gate they should go to, and when or whether their bag made the flight.

  • Improve airport efficiency

    MFlow manages multi-vendor airport checkpoints and provides a single view of the operational efficiency, enabling real-time responses. Through data, understand insights unique to your airport that affect passenger journeys and experience, allowing improved risk management, planning and predictability.

  • Increase airport scale and capacity

    MFlow improves the passenger experience by moving away from a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Through ‘airport to airport’ trusted traveller functionality, engage in a new form of partnership with destination airports for transit passengers.

    MFlow provides automation to help speed up operational processes and reduce costs.

  • Increase passenger spend

    MFlow provides greater insight into the causes of passenger flows, allowing you to fine-tune the key influencers of passenger flows, reduce queues and increase retail dwell time. Happy customers are also proven to spend more.

Already passengers are
spending on average less than
five minutes in security.

MFlow delivers
for airports...


End to end multi-vendor checkpoint management

  • Manage check-in, bag drop and e-gate systems under a single online platform, delivering management information across the airport’s checkpoint estate.
  • Gain an operational view of throughput performance down to the checkpoint level, identifying problems as they happen and predicting activity.
  • Future-proofed end to end checkpoint infrastructure investments by allowing different self-service and automation vendor solutions to operate side by side.

Passenger journey management - Queue Measurement System

  • Capture key data about the passengers using iris and facial recognition technology and through various checkpoint interactions, allowing you to efficiently manage, understand and personalise their experience.
  • Biometric technology measures both passenger queues (for example, check-in only) and journeys (for example, start to end of security process).
  • Pin-point accuracy to differentiate passenger journeys by type, such as fast track and country of origin (for example, European Union).

Passenger insights

  • Collate significant amounts of trusted transactional data unique to your airport configuration in the form of an Insights Dashboard.

MFlow delivers
for airlines and airports...

A Passenger Operational Database (PODB®)

Create and manage a shared digital token that uniquely represents the passenger at each checkpoint. Knowing where passengers are will drive improvements in on-time departures and address bottlenecks.

MFlow - create-and-manage-digital-token

Combine data held by airports and airlines for a full view of the passenger.

MFlow - combine-multiple-sources

Interact with passengers, pre-warning them of issues and keeping them informed every step of the way.

MFlow - interact-with-passengers

Share this passenger identification data, enabling improved airport to airline, and airport to airport collaboration, for example, passengers being fast-tracked through airport hubs.


MFlow delivers
for passengers...

A personalised, informed and ticketless journey

  • A seamless journey which is faster and less stressful. Ensure passengers are making the most of their airport experience and getting to the plane on time.
  • Inform passengers directly of retail promotions, departure gate details, and
    queue times.

Ease of integration

MFlow is the industry’s only agnostic, end to end checkpoint management software system that integrates with multiple checkpoint vendors. No need to replace any hardware.


The world’s first Passenger Operational Database is a transformational technology delivering a solution engineered around the passenger.

Trusted platform

MFlow passenger journey management is a proven platform since 2010, processing millions of passengers each year.

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