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Passenger Flow – Is Device Tracking just too complex?

We have previously covered the limitations of Bluetooth tracking technologies in some detail, but now there is widespread speculation that iOS 8 – scheduled for release in Autumn – will randomise an iPhone’s MAC address while scanning for Wi-Fi networks.
This would make device tracking impossible and the beta release has left suppliers of BluFi (combined Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) tracking technologies, by their own admission, with “more questions than answers”.

This is the problem for airports that select device tracking solutions as their primary tracking technology. Caught in a cycle of continuous investment, airports are chasing the technology as it changes and develops and let’s face it there are some big technology players out there who need mobile technology to change continuously to keep shareholders content with their dividends.

Further, device manufacturers, content providers and the technology providers are effectively creating, or bending, their own standards to capture market share further aggravating attempts to track devices.


So is face recognition really the simple, viable alternative to device tracking?

Over the last ten years the world’s leading airports have increasingly deployed facial recognition as it has proven its ability to accurately capture and track passengers through the airport.Why? – Because it is a simple solution. No third party apps or devices are required; the passenger does not need to provide any specific flavour of, or enable, any technology. Fears over privacy also seem unfounded. Images captured are anonymous and a recent survey by Accenture has found that the majority of people surveyed (89%) are willing to share their biometrics when travelling across international borders. As Mark Crego of Accenture, explains: “The survey findings show strong support from citizens for the greater use of biometrics to… facilitate faster processing through customs and border control.”And people always travel with their face. So while some worry about increasingly complex device based passenger tracking systems, we believe that Facial Recognition offers a simple solution, now.

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