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Overbury transforms employee inductions with MSite

As of January 2019, Overbury – one of the UK’s leading office fit out and refurbishment specialists – will change the way it inducts workers using an online platform developed by Human Recognition Systems.

MSite Online Inductions is a new system built to manage the inductions process for workers across multiple site locations. Before entering site, employees will complete most aspects of their corporate and safety induction online, saving time on the project by ensuring everyone is fully informed and ready to work when they arrive.

Neil Pike, Head of Business Improvement at Overbury, said: “The time saving element of MSite is clearly very beneficial, but where the system really aligns with Overbury’s values, as a contractor dedicated to delivering ‘exceptional experiences’, is the consistent and recorded environment within which our employees complete their induction.”

MSite Online Inductions hosts employee data in a GDPR compliant environment, with centrally managed content such as induction videos and questions to ensure all workers complete the same, consistent degree of training.

As MSite integrates with accreditation databases managed by organisations such as the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), the system is also capable of implementing a concrete form of health and safety check to ensure workers with expired accreditations cannot pass the induction and enter site.

Neil added: “The development of our inductions will have a huge impact on the health, safety and wellbeing of our workforce across all of our projects, whilst also enhancing efficiency. We have been greatly impressed with the professional, hassle-free approach of the MSite team in implementing this major change to our business. We hope this partnership will continue to deliver  improvements to our service as the UK’s leading fit out contractor.”

For more information on MSite, visit msite.com. To learn more about Overbury, visit overbury.com.

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