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Online Workforce Management in Construction – The Bigger Picture

In construction, we often focus on the detail.

What’s best for the individual site, the individual task or the individual worker.

At MSite, we’re no different. Our workforce management system has A LOT of detail, in the form of countless features to improve your working practices – like Online Inductions & Training, Delivery Management and Access Control.

But sometimes it pays to step back and ignore the detail, looking instead at the bigger picture for your construction company. Forget the individual site for a moment – what’s best for all sites, all tasks and all workers?

The answer is simple, manage everything in one online system.

Multi site map.jpg

With ALL sites and employees working from the same source, you can rely on a number of things:

Consistent reports, all sent to head office measuring the same things in the same format.

Consistent workforce data, with restricted individuals blocked from all sites if they are already blocked from entering one.

Consistent onboarding, with workers completing one set of inductions, training and enrolment valid for multiple site visits.

Consistency is fantastic, but the key benefit comes from the assurance all new workers are taken from unknown and untested to fully trained and trusted. Here’s how:

1) At home, workers register their details themselves and the system checks they have the right to work with legitimate accreditations.

2) Workers then complete their induction and role specific training from the comfort of their couch.

3) Finally, they enter site through the biometric turnstile which records and reports on their attendance.

So, don’t get bogged down in the details. Focus on the bigger picture.

Choose one way to solve all your workforce management issues. One way to get everyone on site and working safely in the most cost effective and efficient way possible. One way to ensure all workers are compliant, safe and secure.

Contact us now to learn why MSite is the one way to transform your company.


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