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One identity – the digital passenger in the 21st Century

IATA forecast that by 2036, the number of air passengers will reach 7.8 billion people. To put that in context, there are currently only 7.5 billion people on Earth. With infrastructure development limited, it is clear that the industry is relying on airports running at maximum efficiency if they are to process such high volumes of passengers.

This is where biometric technology becomes a powerful tool. In 2017, we collaborated with Dubai International Airport – one of the world’s busiest, handling 88.2 million passengers that year. The trial focused on creating a trusted biometric token, which facilitated the seamless journey of passengers traveling from London Gatwick to Dubai. By implementing MFlow, the airport were able to address and prevent bottlenecks and increase on-time departures.

Speaking of the trial’s success, Neil Norman, Founder & CEO of Human Recognition Systems, reported “There were three key learnings: One – Passengers loved it without exception due to the obvious benefits to them. Two – we navigated the complex legal matters including GDPR, and three – it highlighted the importance of an agnostic digital platform which could enable cooperative sharing of digital tokens between separate vendor biometric hardware platforms. In short, it’s a trailblazer of a trial and takes us from the talking shops of IATA to the practical world of doing it.”

This trial followed our previous project with London Gatwick, which still seamlessly processes around 46 million passengers every year.

For the full interview and report, please download it for free here.

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