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Neil Norman Shares Insights on Identity in the Commercial World at Dubai Event


Neil Norman, CEO and Founder of Human Recognition Systems (HRS), presented the HRS vision of identity in the commercial world at the VFS Global iConnect event in Dubai this week.

Presenting to 45 governments and a wide array of commercial customers, Neil setout the key drivers and technological trends shaping the identity landscape within the commercial environment, with an emphasis on the differences and manner in which commercial trends can inform the adoption of identity technologies within the government space.

Neil explained that we are witnessing a convenience revolution and that it is this, coupled with the commercial efficiencies, social change and attitude to risk that is informing government thinking on how they set about benefiting from these trends, especially in terms of better value for money procurement.

During the event, Neil was able to showcase the advanced identity registration and vetting platform created by HRS, MTrust, and he explained that by adopting a profile-driven approach to identity validation, trust in a person’s identity can remain current, whilst also tapping into the various online checks against social media activity, vetting lists and strong vetting protocols.

About VFS: VFS Global is an outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions worldwide. A global leader in citizen and commercial identity outsourcing services, VFS processes more VISA applications than any other company.

About Human Recognition Systems: HRS develops cutting-edge identity management systems enabled through biometric and cloud-based technology. By automating identity dependent business functions, the multi-award winning M products deliver safety, security and efficiency for some of world’s most demanding workplaces. From construction sites, to airports; humanitarian organisations, to governments and heavy industries; HRS brings world-leading identity management services to organisations across the globe.

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