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MTrust reduces queues with new self-issuance feature

MTrust, a revolutionary airport ID Pass management, vetting and issuance solution hosted in the cloud, has just got even better.

As part of our ongoing feature development, I am proud to announce the arrival of new functionality that introduces more efficiencies, more cost savings and more benefits to both authorised signatories and the Airport ID Centre, with no impact on security.

Remote Temporary ID Pass Printing

A key feature of MTrust is our determination to deliver a product that works for all stakeholders in the Airport ID pass process. This means not just constantly listening to client and user feedback, but acting upon it to deliver additional functionality.

Remote temporary ID pass printing is an example of this process and will further improve upon the proven efficiencies MTrust already offers.

This new functionality allows authorised signatories to remotely print temporary ID Passes for people and vehicles, delivering the following key operational benefits:

  • Fewer queues at Airport ID Centres
  • Access to airport ID passes outside the normal ID Centre opening times
  • Staff on site faster than ever before
  • No impact on security
  • Faster pass collection times for those collecting traditional ID passes due to less congestion at the ID Centre
  • Reduced ID Centre costs

Watch the video below to see just how simple it is to print temporary ID passes via MTrust:

Other exciting new functionality for MTrust includes:

  • MTrust API – Secure, audited XML API for authorised third parties to access MTrust for data entry and extraction purposes. This aids third party vetting agencies.
  • IDC Agent Utilisation – Configurable quota and tracking of IDC Agent utilisation and performance.
  • Agent Workload Quotas – Distribution of verification tasks across IDC Agents.

MTrust in Action

In January, London Gatwick Airport became the world’s first airport to go paperless for its Airport ID pass applications and issuance. Since then, MTrust has:

  • Delivered 35% proven ID Centre efficiency gains
  • Reduced pass rejections to under 2%
  • Provided a positive return on investment for the Airport

You can read more about MTrust’s positive impact on the Gatwick ID Centre in our case study.

To learn how MTrust can transform your Airport ID Centre, contact us or call +44 (0)333 456 2001.



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