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MSite Roll Call Feature Rolled Out

Earlier this year we added a new feature, Roll Call, to the MSite Mobile app that allows construction site managers to run a roll call report on their mobile phone. This development has proven to be a welcome addition to the MSite biometric workforce management system.

The new tool enables managers to quickly see who is on site during an evacuation on their mobile device. The site manager can then mark people as ‘Off Site’ one by one as they confirm they are at the muster point.

The new time-saving feature has been well received by MSite customers, as it digitises a previously paper-based process. Beforehand, a site roll call had to be done by printing off a roll call report from MSite, taking it to the muster point and ticking names off with a pen, and then going back in to MSite afterwards to manually mark those employees as ‘off site’.

The feature improves safety as it can save vital minutes at the point of evacuation, and crucially the roll call can be synced across multiple devices. This means multiple users can access and update Roll Call simultaneously. The list of who is accounted for syncs across devices to give a real-time picture, mitigating the confusion that can arise while co-ordinating the site evacuation of a sizeable workforce across multiple exit points using paper lists.

The new feature from Human Recognition Systems could potentially be life-saving, as any unaccounted for construction workers can be identified quickly, enabling the site manager to notify the emergency services as early as possible if there is somebody thought to still be on the site during an emergency.

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