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MSite Elf-force Management

Last year, we were given the challenge of travelling to the North Pole to provide a top secret site with an elf-force management system. The message was clear, the site manager, Mr S. Claus, wanted the right workers with the right skills, in the right place.

With over 10,000 workers on site, a tight deadline and blizzards to contend with, it was one of our most demanding projects. Here’s how we did it…

The Challenge:
  • Stopping elves without the proper qualifications and training from entering the present wrapping facility.
  • Elves were unengaged with the current inductions, leading to easily preventable accidents, often caused by failure to use proper protective elf-wear.
  • To improve operational elf-iciencies and provide time savings across the project.
The Solution:
  • We supplied three MSite pods and our online inductions software system.
  • Pods were installed quickly, despite the challenge of difficult terrain and arctic weather conditions.
  • All elves were quickly and painlessly enrolled on the system, with their accreditations being automatically checked against the WSCS (Wrapping Skills Certification Scheme) database.
  • The elves were then inducted online, with engaging content that was specific to their role, and after a short site familiarisation they were able to get on site via the MSite pods. Any elves that failed or did not complete their inductions were denied access to the facility, decreasing the likelihood of incidents.
The Result:
  • Any elves which had outdated accreditations or those who were trying to pass as a colleague, were denied access to the facility. The improved induction engagement rates, coupled with better visibility of head elf to worker ratios, resulted in a drastic decrease in slips, trips and present tower collapses.
  • Quicker onsite inductions saved the customer over 12,500 elfhours, after inductions were reduced from 1.5 hours per elf to 15 mins. This increased present wrapping output by approximately 375,000 presents over the course of the festive season.

In a quote from Mr. S. Claus, he told us “Due to the dependability and accuracy of MSite, we have been able to focus on what really matters – delivering an efficient and sustainable Christmas service. Without MSite, Christmas really would not be the same”.

With a busy January ahead, ensure you get MSite on schedule by placing your orders now.  Call us on +44(0)333 456 2001 or send an email to info@humanrecognitionsystems.com.

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