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Modularise your Site Access Control

The-Team-Adam-PageaThe term ‘modular’ is rife in the construction industry, from sites using some form of modular, portable cabins for their temporary site accommodation, to more and more buildings being constructed using modular construction techniques.

The key benefits of modularisation are to increase flexibility, improve construction co-ordination and reduce time spent on site. This ultimately allows for a more simple relocation, quick reconfiguration or rapid expansion depending on what is required.

Traditionally, when it came to installing turnstile-based construction site access control systems to ensure a secure perimeter, the process usually required the site to first carry out the necessary ground works, such as laying a concrete plinth for the turnstile to be bolted on to, followed by having to build some form of timber shelter around the turnstile to help protect it from the elements.

By embracing the preference for modularisation on construction sites, Human Recognition Systems, MSite is able to provide sites with a range of truly modular deployment options for all of their access control requirements.

Pod-Full-Cut-Out-Transparent-BG-493With a footprint of just 6ft x 8ft and housing a single full-height turnstile, biometric and/or card readers and a roller shutter to secure the unit overnight, the unique MSite Pod provides a completely self-contained, secure access control point within a small, built-for-purpose modular unit. The Pod can be simply lifted into place on site and connected to a power supply for a quick and hassle-free on-site installation without the need for groundworks or a shelter around the turnstile. Should the Pod need to be relocated or additional Pods required to manage multiple access points or larger volumes of workers on site, both the nature of the Pod and the way the MSite system software has been architected, allow for this with ease.


For large sites with high volumes of workers during peak times, the MSite HTC (High Throughout Container) unit expands on the Pod design to provide a larger modular unit housing three full-height turnstile access points side-by-side, to ensure workers can still get on/off site quickly without lengthy queues.

For that extra professional finish the MSite Pod and MSite HTC units can also arrive on site pre-painted in the your corporate livery to maintain consistent company branding across the site.

If you would like to discuss your requirements for a modular site access control system for your construction site, please contact us.

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