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MFlow used in Dubai Airport to solve biometric challenges

Like all major international airports, Dubai face the challenge of adequately managing rising passenger numbers. Through the use of biometric technology, the airport looks to retain a positive and seamless passenger experience while dealing with the huge increases in an operationally efficient way.

A recent article by Airport Technology featuring an interview with Michael Ibbitson, executive vice president at Dubai Airport, sheds light on the project.

“Lasting for several flights over three days on 30 passengers per flight, the trial ran seamlessly and was a success. Michael Ibbitson says one of the most interesting and encouraging results was from a survey they carried out of 100 passengers, where 68% said they didn’t think using biometrics in an airport setting is intrusive, while 82% said they were comfortable with having their biometric information captured.This article highlights the complex logistical challenges, familiar to most large airports, involved in infrastructure improvements and data sharing between the airport and airlines. To counter these challenges, Human Recognition Systems, with the MFlow platform, teamed up with Tascent to help Dubai Airport streamline the passenger experience in the form of a biometrics trial (focusing on passenger traffic between Gatwick Airport and Dubai). Airport Technology states:

“When asked whether deployment of this technology could speed up their time during transit at Dubai Airport, 87% said it could. When questioned over what type of biometric they would be comfortable with, 30% more passengers preferred the use of the iris over the face.”


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