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London Gatwick selects MTrust to transform its ID Centre

Human Recognition Systems’ MTrust will reduce pass rejections and waiting times, streamlining the ID Centres operations to increase security and improve service

London Gatwick Airports has selected MTrust, a revolutionary airport ID pass application vetting and issuance solution, hosted in the Cloud. The new system provides streamlined airport ID pass management with absolute certainty of identity. Developed in close partnership with the UK’s second largest airport, it is now live with 2,500 authorised signatories, providing them with the tools they need to submit and track pass applications.

Neil Norman, CEO at Human Recognition Systems, said, “We decided it was time to re-evaluate and re-think (and not just automate) the existing 25 year old airport ID pass process and improve it for all stakeholders. We believe airports, on-airport companies and other stakeholders need a new, community and industry wide, solution that can create improved security, customer service and efficiency. And that is exactly what we have created with MTrust”

London Gatwick selects MTrustAs Michael Ibbitson, CIO at Gatwick explained, “As we look towards 45m passengers and a 2nd runway it’s important to be ready for growth and a significant increase in the number of people that will require an airport pass. So when Human Recognition Systems approached us about MTrust, the benefits of the system to not just ourselves, but to our partners and on-airport customers were obvious.”

“The new system will enable us to issue airport id passes faster, whilst taking the frustrations away from our on-airport customers and at the same time improving security and reducing insider threat.”

Michael Ibbitson continued, “By allowing us to deliver a better service, MTrust has reaffirmed our commitment to our key aims of building strong and constructive relationships with our stakeholders, increasing value and efficiency and developing the best people, processes and technology.”

To learn more about how MTrust can revolutionise your ID pass management to reduce waste and improve security, service and efficiency, enquire now or contact us today on +44 (0)333 456 2001.

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