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Lendlease & MSite Access Control in 2016

Wendy-Dorosz-2015We know what major construction customers require from their access control. After all, we’ve been providing the MSite workforce management system – the benchmark of quality in the UK market – for over 10 years.

And for 5 years now, one of our closest relationships in the industry has been with Lendlease.

Lend-lease-logo.pngKnown for taking on large-scale and high profile projects across the country, Lendlease require a system that can provide the very best workforce management for their sites. That’s why they have recently agreed to a renewal of their framework with us to keep MSite as the preferred supplier for UK projects.

2016 has seen the MSite system deployed on a number of Lendlease sites, such as the continuing 10 year regeneration scheme at Elephant & Castle in London. Servicing up to 3000 workers with 8 distinct sites for the life of the project, there was a need for an access control system that could cope with cross site access rights and a complex set of reporting requirements. MSite saved Lendlease from having to hire additional admin staff to run reports and provided a special diversity report to send back to the local authority. Once again, MSite saves time and money as well as increasing security.

Read the Lendlease Elephant & Castle case study

Leaving aside specific sites, we’ve also worked together to improve overall processes across the entire company.  For the past 18 months, MSite pre-enrolment has been mandated across all Lendlease sites. This is a prime example of when we have looked to improve the business processes as a whole, as well as the way individual sites work and report.

Most recently, we have developed an extensive skills management sub-system of MSite, which we are planning to implement as the next phase of our relationship with Lendlease in 2016. The ground-breaking new web-based competency system has been built to effectively manage and record training sessions across a multitude of sites.

This year continues to be an exciting one with regards to our relationship with Lendlease, a good example of where our expert product development and excellent service combine to truly benefit a major company.

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