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Just how hard is it to get an Airport ID Pass these days?

Obtaining an airport ID pass can be a tricky business. We’ve discussed previously on our blog, about how If you’ve ever applied for an airport ID pass, you know what a painful process it can be. We believe there has to be a better way for Identity Centres to issue their airport ID passes and how we believe airports can solve the problem with a new approach.

Well this got us thinking about what a race between the old paper based approach and the new on-line way using systems like MTrust would look like.

So click on the image below to see our latest infographic that illustrates just that!

MTrust Infographic

To learn more about how MTrust can revolutionise your ID pass management to reduce waste and improve security, service and efficiency, enquire now or contact us today on +44 (0)333 456 2001.

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