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Is your site on the safe side?

Construction sites can be dangerous places for the uninitiated! MSite can help ensure that the people who have access to your site have the necessary training and accreditation to be there.

Building companies and site managers have a responsibility to keep their workforce safe on site. By its nature, the construction sector is heavily reliant on sub-contractors, so it’s easy to see how this seemingly straightforward responsibility can spiral into a logistical challenge.

Here we take a closer look at how MSite software can help overcome this challenge through accreditation validation and access control, making your site a safer place for everyone to be.

What’s the problem?

Manual checking processes and paper forms leave room for human error and, in some cases, deception by those who do not think through the ‘worst case scenario’ consequences of fraudulent card use.

By not taking due care in the validation of qualifications and accreditations, incorrect cards could be accepted and other inaccuracies might pop up if they are not double-checked. This could result in untrained or under-qualified workers being given the go-ahead to work on construction site projects, putting their safety (and that of others) at risk.

How bad can it be?

For projects that do not use any efficient accreditation validation schemes, there is the potential for workers to be operating on site who have not not been trained to the correct standard. It would be easy to think of it as an oversight, but it is actually unforgivable negligence, especially in the event of an accident.

Large fines and imprisonment are amongst the consequences for contractors, as well as major reputational damage. For the employee, the potential consequences are even more grave – they risk serious injury or even death, not just for themselves but for others too.

Give Tech A Chance

MSite technology is becoming increasingly prevalent on UK construction sites to reduce risks for contractors and sub-contractors and to improve safety.

Our software includes integration with the CSCS card scheme database, allowing individuals to be immediately checked for skills and qualifications. This can be completed automatically when the employee or sub-contractor inputs their details, before they arrive on site for the first time – so improved efficiency is another benefit of MSite.

Assuming MSite access control hardware is in use at the site, a fingerprint scan will then biometrically link them to their validated accreditation record, reducing the reliance on cards and mitigating the risk of cards being used fraudulently.

An Induction module is also available, which enables employees to complete an online site induction before arriving at the site for their first day. The record of them having passed the induction training will also be linked to their record.

Subsequently, after day one at the site the employee will simply need to scan their fingerprint on their way on to (and off) the site each day, and management will have a record of who is on site at any given time, along with what training and accreditation each individual holds.

If you like the idea of working safe in the knowledge that all workers on your site(s) have had their accreditation validated, take a closer at MSite.

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