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International Journalists See Latest Biometric Technology in Liverpool


After our CEO and founder, Neil Norman, made a trip to China in September, Human Recognition Systems have been working with the International Festival For Business (IFB), launching in Liverpool this June.

The festival aims to bring together companies from across the globe, and being major contributors to the growing technology sector in Northern England, we were happy to share our knowledge with a delegation of international journalists today, invited by the IFB.


We were pleased to meet reporters from The New York Times (USA), Xinhua News Agency (China), China Central Television (China), People’s Daily (China), El Pais (Spain), Die Welt (Germany), Welt am Sonntag (Germany) and Le Monde (France).

As we are one of the earliest pioneers of applying biometric technology to various challenges in the UK, this gave us ample opportunity to discuss the commercial evolution of our field over the past 15 years.


From facial recognition cameras measuring passenger flow in airports, to applying biometric technology and advanced software to access control for construction sites; helping the UN track identities in Somalia, to automating airport pass applications; we have a huge amount of experience to share at the forefront of the world’s latest innovations.

With potential real world applications in everything from the migrant crisis to new terror threats, biometric and workforce management technology is only becoming more and more relevant in keeping our world safe and secure.

For more information on our work, please get in touch today. A white paper on our passenger flow measurement system MFlow can be downloaded through the link below.


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