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Human Recognition Systems partner with Camwatch

Camwatch to augment MSite site access control and workforce management solution with JCB Site Security Mobile CCTV Tower

Human Recognition Systems (HRS) has partnered with Camwatch, a leading pioneer in specialist CCTV monitoring, to offer their MSite customers access to the JCB Site Security Mobile CCTV Tower a unique, fully-integrated, rapidly-deployable security solution.


A previous winner of CIOB Innovation Award, the solution provides monitored CCTV, backed up by live audio challenges, and is proven to help prevent crime.

Neil Norman, CEO at HRS said,”We are delighted to have partnered with Camwatch. The partnership reaffirms our commitment to constantly improving our client offering and offers the perfect compliment to our MSite solution. We can now offer a full service offering to our construction customers, allowing them a full site access and security solution coupled with our market-leading workforce management reporting.”

HRS’ MSite has been deployed on over 400 construction sites and was chosen to protect the London 2012 Olympic Park build and it’s subsequent redevelopment.

Phil Bunting, Director of Sales & Technology at Camwatch said, “HRS are a recognised leader in the construction site security market. By partnering with them, we are able to gain access to their existing customer base of the top 25 construction firms to offer a complete solution to site access, security and workforce management.”

Designed for ease of installation and relocation as a site develops, the JCB Security Tower mobile CCTV units make maximum use of wireless communications technology, minimising disruptive cable runs and virtually eliminating any ground works requirements. An uninterruptible power supply ensures the system remains functional in the event of a power failure.

The motion detectors, operating in 360 degrees, will be alerted should anyone access the site without authorisation and the camera will tilt-pan-zoom to view the intrusion. If the intrusion is at night, the infra-red sensor will activate to ensure crystal clear visuals, even in the dark, at considerable distances.

The Camwatch National Monitoring Station will be alerted to the disturbance where one of the experienced operators will view the incident immediately and identify the situation, eliminating any false alarms.

Neil added, “The Camwatch JCB solutions is a perfect fit for our MSite solution, It’s mobility and ease of installation matches that of our MSite Pod, enabling us to secure a site in a matter of hours with little or no disruption to site.”

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