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How to measure passenger flow? Part 3 – Facial Recognition

In the final of our three part series, we look at how facial recognition works and the advantages it has for tracking the flow of passengers through an airport over alternative methods such as device tracking and people counters.

Facial Recognition

How it works:

  • Anonymous facial images of passengers entering a designated area are captured. Using facial recognition technology ensures the capture of the maximum number of faces.
  • The anonymous images are used to track passengers through agreed way-points including check-in, security and passport control.
  • The accurate time taken between way-points gives split and cumulative timings. Minimum, maximum and statistical averages are all available
  • Alerts are created if journey times are outside set goals to easily identify emerging operational issues before they impact the airport.

Benefits of Facial Recognition

  • Completely passive systems – no conscious interaction required from passengers.
  • No impact on passenger journey – ensures passengers are processed quickly, enabling the maximum level of retail time, a positive customer experience, and improved customer service.
  • An anonymous facial image of passengers entering a designated area is captured.
  • Using facial recognition technology ensures the capture of the maximum number of faces.
  • Facial photographs do not disclose information that the person does not routinely disclose to the general public.
  • The photograph (facial image) is already socially and culturally accepted internationally.
  • The facial image is already collected and verified routinely as part of the MRTD application form process in order to produce a passport to ICAO Document 9303 standards.
  • The public are already aware of its capture and use for identity verification purposes.
  • It is non-intrusive – the user does not have to touch or interact with a physical device for a substantial time frame for the system to function.
  • States can exploit a number of security benefits should they wish to do so.
  • It allows capture of children’s biometrics without any physical intrusion.
  • For watch lists, face (photograph) is generally the only biometric available for comparison.

Our Solution – MFlow Journey

MFlow Journey enables you to maximise non-aeronautical revenues, improve customer service through reduced passenger queue times and ensure efficient staffing levels by giving you the tools to measure and manage the movement of passengers through your airport.

MFlow Journey was developed for and with airport operators to measure, manage and ultimately remove bottlenecks to optimise passenger flow.


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