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How to Exploit Airport Infrastructure for Future Passenger Growth

As passenger numbers are on the rise around the world, airports are reporting being at or near capacity, how can the industry hope to grow to meet demand when space is at a premium?

The only real answer has to lie in our existing infrastructures – utilising the space that we already have to better effect in order to increase the capacity of some of the world’s busiest airports.


The journey of the passenger must remain at the heart of any discussions that airports have around increasing capacity. If you make a space too busy, or create queues that are too long, passengers will vote with their feet or use social media to spread the word globally (remember the #ihatethewait twitter campaign?). Airports are a space which should be filled with excitement, relaxation and fun but instead they can be stressful, uncommunicative and frustrating.

Airports wishing to solve their capacity issues need to look to technology in the forms of personalisation and automation if they want to solve their issues at the same time as improving customer satisfaction and increasing revenues. Creating a seamless journey for the passenger with minimal fuss and delay will help to smooth the flow of the millions of people who travel globally every year and help to increase capacity at all airports.

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