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How To Audit Your Construction Workforce Online

Audits across multiple construction sites can be a nightmare.

It often involves someone standing at site entrances in the cold with a clipboard, asking for information from workers or checking accreditations one by one. The downsides to this approach are obvious.

It would likely take a team of auditors (who all need to be paid) a full day to check all sites. Human error could mean details are taken down incorrectly and what about all that paperwork at the end of it all, will you be paying to store it somewhere?

With MSite, these problems are a thing of the past.

Using the world-renowned workforce management tool, audits and reports can be produced incredibly quickly online. Not only is this a much faster and cheaper approach, but it is also much more accurate.

The below steps show, as an example, the ease at which a report showing the number of valid CSCS card holders currently on site can be created.

Step 1

Select the reports tab at the top of the MSite dashboard.

MSite reporting screenshot 1-2.jpg

Step 2

Under Training and Accreditations, select Accreditation Audit.

MSite reporting screenshot 2-3.jpg

Step 3

You will now be able to customise your Accreditation Audit report.

To find out the number of workers on site with valid CSCS cards, select Construction Skills Certification Scheme from the Accreditation Type filter, then choose Currently on Site from the advanced options. If you are happy with the rest of options and filters, just click Run.


You will now see a report showing all the information you need. It’s as easy as that. This can then be exported into the format of your choosing or printed. MSite reports can also show you lots of additional detail, such as the expiry date of each accreditation.

With dozens of reports to choose from, including local labour, apprentices on site, roll call, visitors and much more; all the statistics you need on your workforce are available from any web-enabled device. Just open MSite on your phone and you will have all the data you need.

Want to know more about the benefits of workforce managent online through MSite? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to tell you more.


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