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How Do You Manage Your Site Deliveries?


According to the Health & Safety Executive; on average about 7 workers die each year as a result of accidents involving vehicles or mobile plant on construction sites.

These startling statistics, along with the often arduous task of managing site deliveries, highlight the importance of a good delivery management strategy.

Equally in the interests of head office as well as the managers on site, it’s important to adopt an approach to logistics that can factor in the following:

1) Allocation of resources – The scarce equipment available for deliveries can be an issue, especially when cranes and heavy equipment are involved. This can be even more
pronounced in inner city locations such as central London.

2) Communication with suppliers – It’s important to keep sites and suppliers on the same page, avoid endless phone calls disrupting the supply chain, while at the same time allowing issues such as missed or late deliveries to be communicated effectively.

3) Health and safety – Knowing the time and place of deliveries well in advance and
communicating this to workers on the ground, as well as ensuring walkways are
created and the unload method has been prepared for is essential.

To adopt a good delivery management strategy, we found most workers required a system to help manage these key areas for them; to tick the health and safety boxes and take the hassle out of implementation so they can get on with what they do best – the building work itself.

In response, we developed Delivery Management, one of the many optional modules of MSite, our leading access control and workforce management system.


Our logistics software allows complete visibility of upcoming deliveries, allowing you to properly allocate and time resources, as well as react to any sudden changes. Know who to contact, when the delivery will arrive and where, all remotely using a smart phone or tablet. The good news is, this capability can also be used across multiple sites, with or without the main MSite system if you don’t already have this installed.

Need more help developing your delivery management strategy? Contact the HRS team today.

 Click below to read the details of our Delivery Management system.



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