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How Critical National Infrastructure providers can know their workforce

Jim SlevinIdentity management is a vital tool for Critical National Infrastructure providers in combating the insider threat. The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CNPI) stated, “There is a clear link between an insider act taking place and exploitable weaknesses in an employer’s protective security and management processes.”

know your workforceIn a previous blog we outlined how Airports could address the 6 key issues identified by the CPNI to directly mitigate the insider threat, but what can such identity management systems do for Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) providers such as Energy, Transport and Water sectors?

Put simply, identity management systems such as MTrust, allow CNI providers to truly know their workforce via the 4 Ds:

no1 Define

Define what makes someone suitable to work on your premises and what personal information you need to collect to establish and prove suitability. Anyone working on a CNI site needs to meet minimum criteria. Identity management systems allow you to define exactly what is needed for entry to different levels of your organization or areas of your premises.

However, it is not enough to merely define the rules; you need a system that at the point of their application to gain access to your site will ensure that the applicant meets these minimum criteria, well before CNI staff spends any of their valuable time on it.

no2 Delegate

Delegate the collection and ongoing management of that personal information to trusted people, either inside or outside of your organisation. Assigning employee data collection tasks to appointed trustees allows you to spread the load at the point of registration and later on when it needs updating.

The ability to allow employees to enter their own information, which can then be checked by a trustee, takes this a step further.

no3 Decide

Automate the decision making workflow – i.e. is this person right for my business or a particular area of my business? You decide who has the final say and have applications automatically delivered to them for a ‘human’ sense check and final approval.

Identity management systems like MTrust minimise application rejections by checking all inbound applications for basic adherence to the defined rules rules, e.g. have the minimum proof of identity documents been uploaded?

no4 Discover

Having all of the right workforce information in one place makes it easy to find people who meet specific criteria for example identifying all the qualified first aiders within a business.

It is also vital that all of this is underpinned by the best-in-class data security and document storage.

Know your workforce

MTrust is a cloud-based identity checking system that enables organisations to configure complex identity policies and effortlessly automate their adoption.


This means that they can rest assured that they know everything they need to know about their workforce and only employ the type of people they want to employ.

To learn more about how MTrust can help Critical National Infrastructure providers know their workforce contact us today or download our brochure.

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