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How construction companies can manage skills and site access with just 1 card

Wendy-Dorosz-2015With the news that the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) has shelved plans to introduce a single card to replace the existing 13 colour-coded cards, how can construction companies manage their workforce skills and site access with just a single card?

The main driving force behind the adoption of one card was to encourage employers to focus on an individual’s qualifications rather than the colour of the card and to remove individuals’ frustration at having the “wrong” card for their role or experience.

However, there are many more potential benefits to construction companies for a 1 card approach when it is linked to a workers’ biometrics, skills, accreditations and site access.

MSite Biometric Construction Site Access-Control

1 Enrolment, 1 Unique Profile Across All Sites

By combining our existing site access control and workforce management solution, MSite, with our soon to be launched skills and training management solution, MSkills, construction companies can start to benefit from potentially huge time and cost savings.

MSite’s unique ability to be deployed across multiple sites means your workforce enrol once and once only. Once inducted, they can then enter any of your sites that you allow, saving re-enrolment costs and minimising induction time at each site.


Optionally, our exclusive licence to store a worker’s biometric on their CSCS card means your workforce only need one card to access any site, ensuring you have a fully accredited workforce on all your sites.

But that’s not all. With the introduction of MSkills later this year, construction companies will be able to access a central system detailing their entire workforce’s training, accreditation and qualification history:

  • Accreditation Management and Auditing – know what accreditations your workforce has, when they attained them and when they will expire.
  • Population of all Training Sessions – including Tool Box Talks & Daily Task Briefings.
  • Recording of Attendance on Operatives Training Record – create a record of all operatives training history.
  • Alerting on Impending Training Expiry – ensure none of your workforce’s training expires ever again.
  • Deny access to site if Daily Task Briefing is not completed – by linking MSkills to MSite, site access can be controlled and restricted when necessary.

MSkills will also facilitate online site inductions, saving yet more time on site.

To find out more about MSite or to register your interest in MSkills, contact us or call 0333 456 2001.

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