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Helping to Guard Against Fake Skills Cards in Construction


Over the past few months, the construction industry has been rocked by various allegations of fraud, especially around invalid CSCS cards.

Every company should ask themselves – are we doing everything possible to keep unaccredited workers off site?

A recent article in Construction Enquirer mentioned a con-woman accused of illegally buying CSCS cards and using them to secure a cleaning contract on a construction site in Stafford. The fake cards were discovered during a routine induction, which shows the importance of good workforce management on site – even at its most basic level.

These kind of incidents are a huge problem for the reputation of the construction industry, in what other major UK job sector would you expect to find such widespread fraud on a regular basis? Clearly, having one of the highest levels of skills fraud in an industry with one of the highest levels of danger can’t be a good thing.

A proven way to help guard against this life threatening crime is by using CSCS card readers linked with the on-site access points. Everyone is busy on site, so having an automated system to help with these checks is not only the easiest, but the most reliable barrier you can build.


MSite, our biometric access control and workforce management system, achieves this level of additional protection. It has the ability to report against all CSCS cards for employees and control site access based on this information, automatically locking people out if their accreditations expire. This means sites can ensure only fully accredited and inducted staff have been allowed on site, without the management overhead.

To learn more about MSite, click the link below or contact us now.


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