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Earlier this year MSite worked with Build UK to produce a new MSite SmartCard Audit Report.

Aiming to increase the uptake of smart technology in the construction industry by demonstrating how it can benefit businesses and supply chains, the audit sought to identify any expired or fraudulent cards.

People were able to complete the audit at the click of a button, with biometrically accurate certainty. MSite’s CSCS integration additionally checked all CSCS, CPCS and CISRS cards for validity.

Being sure of a card’s validity and authenticity is a sure-fire way to ensure that the worker who holds the card has the correct training and qualifications for the role that they are undertaking. In turn, this can improve quality and also makes for a safer site.

In total 29,127 cards were audited across 745 construction sites, with 39 organisations taking part.

Cards carrying the CSCS logo were checked to ensure they were real and still valid, either using Site Access machines, the Go Smart App, or visual inspection where the technology was not available or cards were not smart.

Smart technology is the most effective way to be sure that a card is genuine, and checking an enabled card using smart technology takes just a few seconds. Of the 36 card schemes carrying the CSCS logo, 14 are currently smart-enabled. A further nine can be checked electronically via an online portal, while 13 still rely on visual checking.

Smaller sites (with an average of 35 operatives on site) were found to tend to check cards visually, while larger sites (with an average of 99 operatives on site) tended to check cards electronically.

Focusing on the Labourer card, 1,324 were checked during the audit. Of these, only 40% were held by people actually undertaking a Labourer role. Reasons given for holding the wrong card included:

  • No card available for their occupation
  • They were currently undertaking the qualification for a Skilled Worker card
  • A Labourer card was the easiest for them to get.

1% of all cards audited had expired (484 cards), which is down versus 2018, when 1.7% of cards audited were found to be out of date.

Any fraudulent cards found during the audit were reported to the police. More information on what to do if you suspect a fraudulent card can be found here.

Find out more at www.BuildUK.org

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