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Gatwick’s Record-Breaking January Made Easier With Facial Recognition Technology

Gatwick-Logo.jpgAirport Council International Europe has named London Gatwick as one of the fastest growing airports in Europe, and it’s easy to see why.

2.5 million passengers travelled through Gatwick’s gates in January, 5.7% up on the previous year. What’s even more impressive, this is the 35th consecutive month traffic has increased. A clear trend of expansion for an airport at the forefront of international transit in the UK.


Gatwick CEO Stewart Wingate said: “Strong growth in our European routes – coupled with the ongoing demand for more and more long haul services – has helped ensure the airport’s place among the fastest growing airports of Europe.”

But as traffic increases, so does the need to accurately monitor passenger numbers, control the queues and increase security. Good job they have MFlow.

Implemented in 2011, and expanded numerous times since, MFlow uses facial recognition technology to measure the flow of passengers. As the airport gets busier, queues can be monitored and responded to whenever passengers are waiting too long. Taking the pressure off staff and helping travellers have a happier airport experience.

MFlow alerts staff if certain thresholds of queue length are exceeded, quickly exposing potential bottlenecks that can be dealt with efficiency. The optimising of airport staff ensures the ever increasing passenger numbers do not put a strain on the airport’s infrastructure.

We’re proud to be a part of the Gatwick success story, contact us to learn more about the benefits of measuring passenger flow.


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