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Gatwick Airport awarded the title of ‘Most Innovative Airport in Europe’

London’s Gatwick Airport has been awarded the title of Most Innovative Airport in Europe by an industry peer group of over 92 airports and airlines. The award was presented at Future Travel Experience Europe, which took place this week in Dublin.

As one of the world’s busiest single-runway airports, Gatwick has managed to deliver incredible growth in passenger numbers, processing more than 45 million people in 2017 despite its unavoidable space restrictions. To achieve this, the airport has fully embraced new and emerging technologies aimed at streamlining and improving the passenger experience.

Human Recognition Sytems has been a key partner of Gatwick Airport since 2010 and we are proud of the role we have played in helping the airport achieve this well-deserved award. Over the years, our collaboration has resulted in a number of innovative passenger processing projects – including a number that claim the title of world-firsts in airport technology deployment.

Our MFlow system was first implemented in the airport’s south terminal in 2010, showcasing the world’s first deployment of both biometric queue measurement and biometric passenger verification. Our most recent work with Gatwick Airport has been a pioneering trusted transfer trial for passengers departing Gatwick on Emirates flights and transferring through Dubai International Airport. More information about this ground-breaking project can be found in this article.

As Gatwick Airport reaches its 60th anniversary this year, the airport continues its drive to increase passenger numbers while improving the passenger experience. With more exciting world-firsts in technology deployment planned in the near future, this award could not have come at a better time to show the industry the possibilities and wide-ranging benefits of innovation in the airport space.

Congratulations, Gatwick Airport!

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