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Digitising the passenger journey through data collaboration across airport checkpoints

A main challenge within the aviation industry is processing the growing passenger numbers through the existing airport infrastructure, while ensuring the passenger experience is seamless.

In order to alleviate this challenge, checkpoint automation and biometrics are being utilised. However, airports run on procurement cycles, often resulting in checkpoint solutions from different providers, meaning the hardware is unable to integrate to solve problems. This can be critical if there are performance issues, where it becomes difficult to quickly identify the cause and can impact the wider passenger journey.

Queues and delays at checkpoints inevitably reduce the amount of time a passenger has in the airport lounge, having a negative impact on the airport both in terms of customer service and commercial value.


Software is the preferred solution to the procurement problem, enabling all hardware to seamlessly communicate, providing a holistic view of both passengers and checkpoints, in order to optimise airport performance.

An additional challenge facing airport operators is the disjointedness between airlines and airport itself, with the two stakeholders operating as separate entities. This results in two alternative views of the passenger journey, rather than a cohesive approach to a smooth flow through the airport. By sharing data, efficiencies can be made to streamline processes, align checkpoints and achieve an altogether more efficient and pleasurable end-to-end journey for the passenger.

Would you like to know more about how data collaboration across checkpoints can revolutionise an airport? Contact us today or download the full report to learn more.

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