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Define your CNI workforce and delegate the workload

The-Team-Jim-SlevinIn a previous blog, I outlined the 4Ds that Identity Management Systems, such as MTrust, use to enable Critical National Infrastructure providers to know and manage their workforce. Here, I look in more detail at the first two Ds – Define and Delegate.


Identity Management systems let CNI providers define what makes someone suitable to work on their premises and what personal information they need to collect to establish & prove suitability.

access-all-areasYou set the rules

Anyone working on your site needs to meet minimum criteria. MTrust allows you to define exactly what is needed for entry to different levels of your organization or areas of your premises.

Identity management systems enforce the rules

At the point of applying to gain access to your site, MTrust will ensure that the applicant meets these minimum criteria, well before your staff spend any of their valuable time on it.


Delegate the collection and ongoing management of personal information to trusted people and companies.

Build your community

MTrust’s mutual permissions-based membership system allows you to build a community of employees, customers and suppliers and then appoint individuals in any chosen organisation as trustees


Distributed Workload

Assigning employee data collection tasks to trustees allows you to spread the load at the point of registration and later on when it needs updating.

The ability to allow employees to enter their own information, which can then be checked by a trustee, takes this a step further.


The recent security guard fraud uncovered by the BBC shows there is a real need for companies operating in a security environment and in particular Critical National Infrastructure providers to really know their workforce. Contact us to learn how MTrust can help your organisation or call us on +44 (0)333 456 2001.



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